My experiences with nursing shoes

From nursing students to senior nurses, the topic of what shoes to wear with scrubs seems to be an on-going topic. Back when I was in Nursing school and hospitals in South Korea, they gave us one option for footwear: white shoes. And there was a rule that I could only wear the shoes they provided.The regulations were so strict that I never even considered other options. 

However, when I worked in the ICU, they allowed us to wear crocs (I still don’t know why), and we were so surprised so we started to buy colorful crocs with unique and stylish buttons. I felt so cool wearing my little pink crocs and felt it was a small way to show my unique personality, even though we wore the same scrubs. Once I started working in the US, I have seen a lot of different kinds of nursing shoes at work. I noticed all nurses have different opinions, expectations, and personal experiences regarding their shoes. Most of all, they all have different anatomy when it comes to their feet as well. That is why a hospital wears shoes. That’s why hospitals allow nurses and workers to wear pretty much whatever they want! Of course no one wants to wear high heels to work, but they do want to wear comfortable working shoes. 

For me, nursing shoes are not only working shoes, but they are also representative of myself. I feel cool, and I feel confident when I wear stylish shoes to work. I work hard as a nurse, but at the same time I want to look neat and positive. That’s why I made this brand, Forgano, to help nurses who are looking for a new style to wear with their scrubs. Forgano shoes make us feel better all-around. Comfortable and breathable are of course mandatory. Shoes are very important for nurses since some hospitals have rules about what color and style of scrubs you’re allowed to wear. Nursing shoes are the ideal way to show their fashion sense while also keeping up their productivity.